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Anything OK! Holy Land of Flashy Dress☆Fun will increase by Flashy Costumes!


Year-round Costume OK in USJ☆

Fancy dress is the Halloween season is the peak, but in USJ, fancy dress is not limited to the Halloween, USJ is welcome the guest to enjoy the Park with fancy dress.
In the case of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, fancy dress is have been OK only part of during the Halloween period, and the subject of fancy dress is limited to Disney characters.
Since go to USJ, let's fancy dress and integrated with the glamorous city of USJ.
Header Photo
【USJ Main Gate】
The Main Gate of USJ have been pronoun along with a large globe before the entrance gate. The main gate, there are two of the Universal-city-station side and the parking lot side, this is of the parking lot side.
Usually, the decoration is changed for each event, but 2016 has been the ornate decoration of the "15th Anniversary".

Walk around in the Park☆

The vast city of USJ, to walk with a Little Red Riding-Hood Fashion.☆ In general city of Japan, this costumes is so eye-catching, but there is no incongruity in USJ-City. It is strange...
In the morning, not see too much the People who wearing a fancy dress. From mid afternoon to evening, there is impression that comes more and more towards the fancy dress that contains the yell.
In the Park, there are many ornate buildings in addition to the cityscape, and is not exaggeration to say that all of the park is the shooting spot. If a photo Hobby or fancy dress hobby, maybe can enjoyed more than enough only to explore the city of USJ, even if not ride any attraction.

Rules and Manners of fancy dress in USJ

All year round, USJ welcome the fancy dress guests. But and it has been stated that there are rules and manners.

◆Costume Rules

Examples of prohibited clothing

●Clothing that reveals the lower half of the body, nudity, clothing that reveals the upper half of a woman’s body, extreme clothing (including underwear or thongs), bathing suits worn by themselves, clothing with obscene or discriminatory phrases, etc.
※In addition, please refrain from wearing clothing that reveals the genital area or buttocks, as well as clothing or ornaments that may harm guests or crew members.
●Full-face costumes that impede facial recognition authentication.
※Full-face costumes are prohibited in all attractions, shops, and restaurants.

Examples of prohibited objects

(1) Long, sharp items made from metal or wood; stiff, sharp parts; other large, heavy, stiff, sharp objects; objects that could injure other guests (whether they were hand-made or purchased)
(2) Edged tools such as knives, real swords, sickles, icepicks, or cutting tools; metal pipes; real guns; all swords including katana and wooden swords (only hand-made items made from cardboard, etc. that cannot injure others are permitted)
(3) Firearms including air guns that can be fired, electric airsoft guns, large rifles (exceeding one meter), shotguns, etc. (handguns with firing functions, machine guns less than one meter, etc. can be carried if they are not loaded and a safety cap is attached to the muzzle)
* For your safety, you may be asked to remove part of your attire or accessories before riding the attraction. Guests may not be admitted to the attraction depending on their costumes.

Notes on behavior in the park

●Performances for commercial or publicity purposes are prohibited.
●Guests who behave dangerously in ways that hinder attraction or show operation or progress, or who surprise or otherwise bother other guests, will be asked to leave the park by the crew.
●Guests who speak or act pretending to be park crew or entertainers will be asked to leave the park by the crew.
●Guests who engage in behavior that bothers other guests will be asked to leave the park by the crew.
●Guests can change into Halloween costumes and apply makeup at Stage 18 in the park.
●Refrain from changing into costumes in park restrooms, as this can bother other guests.
●Refrain from using park restroom mirrors to apply costume makeup, as this takes up space and can bother other guests.
●Please ensure that you are not bothering other guests when taking photographs, etc.

Usage of selfie sticks

The use of selfie sticks is allowed so guests can take park photographs with Halloween flair (except when riding attractions). However, selfie stick usage may be prohibited if it is bothering other guests, so please use them in moderation.

Costumes in the Universal Wonderland area

●Because Universal Wonderland is a family area, please refrain from wearing zombie, ghost, or other horror costumes that may scare other guests into the area.
●Toy guns may not be brought into Universal Wonderland.
※From:USJ Official-Site

◆After playing in fancy dress☆

Let's tweet with the hash tag "#仮装で熱狂".
There is almost no Costume-photos of overseas persons, especially Western Countries persons.
※Tag is JP-Only, means "Enthusiasm in fancy dress". Please copy and paste.
▼Twitter (JP-Only)
#仮装で熱狂 (Enthusiasm in fancy dress)
Ayanokoji-Reika / USJ-Official
Universal Studios Japan Official

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Sakurajima 2-1-33, Konohanaku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Weekdays:2,200 to 2,500 yen
Sat・Sun:2,500 to 3,000 yen
(varies depending on congestion)
・5-minute walk from JR Yumesaki Line "Universal-city Station"
USJ Official-site ACCESS
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